Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Bible is confusing sometimes!

My Parish Priest told me that it can sometimes confuse people to read so much scripture, that is why the Catechism is a better alternative to reading the Bible. Now I disagree sometimes, because just holding that Holy Blessed book in my hands, and leafing through each silky page, I feel Christ's Love. It inspires me to spread his good news of love and peace.

But once they came out with the Catechism, Pastor told me to stop reading The Bible, for Catechism is easier to understand. I worry sometimes about today's children and if they are being taught the Catechism like we were taught. It was invaluable, because it saves you from all that reading.

Even today, I rarely open my Bible. If I pay attention in church to what the Priest is saying, I learn everything I need to know, (unless the celebrant is Father Doran, who always talks like he's got napkins in his mouth.)

Yours in the Love of Christ,
Mrs. Walter J. Katsellas

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