Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A humdinger for those gays today

I just got off the phone with my daughter Betko, who called me to tell me that President Obama and Joe Biden want her to marry her  lesbian lady friend who is too afraid to meet me even though they've been roommates for 15 years. Betko moved three thousand miles away from me on purpose and uses it as a convenient excuse to justify the fact that we never speak.  We'll go years sometimes with nary a peep.  She'll always say "oh well, with the time difference it was too early to call you when I was thinking of it, sorry it has been 12 years since we last spoke, etc. " Boy oh boy does that hurt a monthers' heart deeply!! She says that it should now be legal for 2 girls to marry and I should meet her ladyfriend because they want to have children!! 

Betko is 66!! She was always trying to lash out at me even from the cradle, and I see time has changed nothing.  She thinks the power of The White House can convince me that this isn't a sin, just like that?!!

Now you all know I try to live in the love and Light of Jesus Christ, but God said this was wrong and I can't go against what God is telling me deep in my heart. It is wrong for those people to do lesbian things that my Parish Priest warned us about back so many years ago!  Was I the only one paying attention in Chruch?   Have they invented a new way for women to give birth past menopause?  Surely Betko has gone through the change of life.  Unless it would be the galpal!?  Maybe the galpal is substantially younger, and of child bearing years?

If Betko marrys that friend of hers, well, who is supposed to wear the pants in that family?  Who will lead in when the dancing begins?   Additionally, it will be murder on the children to have 2 Mothers in their 60's!! That means when the brats graduate high school, Mama will be 80, haina?

Now.  Heaven will take me soon, and I won't see the kids in a cap and gown with 2 Mothers (possibly in wheelchairs) snapping photos with pride on Graduation Day. My knees went out on me when I was in my 70's so I don't know who they are kidding about having kids, but that Joe Biden is not exactly the person to dismiss either.  That handsome feller is from the Northeast PA region, and we are very proud of the work he has done, although some of his opinions threaten my freedom of religiousity and cause me to worry.  He grew up in Scranton, where the trains still run in and out and he likes lesbians.  For years I have noticed a more cosmopolitan way of thinking up the line in Scranton, on account of the trains, I think.  

Yours in the Love of Christ, 
Mrs. Walter J. Katsellas, Jr.

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